This flash application draw the object structure as a graph. You can see every object and movieclip, their relationships and instance variables.


  • Download it
  • Type the name of the swf you want to load, you can see the movie in a window
  • Interact with your movie and when you are ready click “Analyze” to show the object diagram
  • Bold lines shows movieclip attached, while normal lines shows referenced in a variable
  • Instance properties and their values are visible in the Info dialog

Red boxes are objects with circular reference (they will not be deallocated in flash 7, Lite).
Bold boxes are movieclip on the stage.

Update 27/02/2007: Fixed some bugs and now is possible to saves nodes disposition.
Try it online: Object Explorer
Download Extension: ObjectExplorer.mxp
Download source:
Object Explorer
Object Explorer
Object Explorer
Object Explorer