Continuations are the new threads

I’ve always thought that continuations are the right answer to many if no all the network-programming problems.

What are continuations?
A continuation represent the state of execution of a function: all the local variables and the instruction pointer (the last line executed).
(Update: At least: there can be many kind of continuations. Other than the local variables, it’s possible to store…

My two cents on Static Typing

While I was wondering if using haXe or Java with my server, I’ve stumbled upon some discussion on Static Typing (Java) vs. Dynamic Typing (Ruby, Php).
In a really interesting blog post (read the comments too) I found this touching phrase:

“Static typing is Communist Bureaucracy”.

In short: since we (should) have pervasive testing, Static Typing is only more testing. However, a comment…

MindFrame javascript templating+framework

The Javascript’s world is spinning faster in the last times. An interesting framework was beta-released today, called MindFrame, it allows to define complex behaviors directly in the HTML source using a special syntax.
The parser used is Zparse.

You have to see the syntax in the demo to understand how cool it is.

The idea of parsing an HTML element as the…

Markdown in Javascript

Someone ported Markdown formatting to Javascript.
In the page linked, the text is formatted as you type. I wonder if there is a Wordpress plugin that do something like that.…

Cross-site javascript vulnerability re-discovered

Richar Leggett wrote on his blog that someone seems to have (re)discovered a new AJAX applications vulnerability and published a paper about that.

However, this type of vulnerability is already known:

when you do a request with Javascript you can only do that to the same domain of your script, but this doesn’t apply to img and script tags

So if…

world’s smallest website & lemmings return

Some quick surfing suggestions:
Have you seen guimp? The world’s smallest website, enjoy it 🙂
And I’ve re-found Lemmings DHTML, I remember the author was forced to shutdown the site for copyright issue (it uses the original graphics from the game), I wonder how he had solved them……

Some useful Javascript tools

Because I’ve come back from my holidays and I have some spare time, I’m wondering if I can do some nice stuff before the next exam session (olny 2 left!).
First, I’ve start looking for some html/javascript tool, and I’ve found something interesting:

A Mouseover DOM Inspector (try it now clicking here!)
You can save it as a bookmark and start exploring every…

DHTML Timeline

(Found on
This is a wonderfull timeline visualization tool, it graphically show the time and date when an event occur.
From the site:
Timeline is a DHTML-based AJAXy widget for visualizing time-based events. It is like Google Maps for time-based information
The event data can be loaded from XML or JSON. Clicking on an event show a box with event’s detail. It…

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