Zoomquilt 2

Must be blogged: The collaborative Zoomquilt 2.
Really worth seeing. Much longer, much better, now as a screensaver too.
Take the trip.…

Continuations are the new threads

I’ve always thought that continuations are the right answer to many if no all the network-programming problems.

What are continuations?
A continuation represent the state of execution of a function: all the local variables and the instruction pointer (the last line executed).
(Update: At least: there can be many kind of continuations. Other than the local variables, it’s possible to store…

My two cents on Static Typing

While I was wondering if using haXe or Java with my server, I’ve stumbled upon some discussion on Static Typing (Java) vs. Dynamic Typing (Ruby, Php).
In a really interesting blog post (read the comments too) I found this touching phrase:

“Static typing is Communist Bureaucracy”.

In short: since we (should) have pervasive testing, Static Typing is only more testing. However, a comment…

Markdown in Javascript

Someone ported Markdown formatting to Javascript.
In the page linked, the text is formatted as you type. I wonder if there is a Wordpress plugin that do something like that.…

Ban Time Travel Now!

I’ve adhered to the campaign: “Ban Time Travel Now!”

Our mission:
To preserve the integrity of the spacetime continuum, I hereby petition the governments of the world to immediately enact laws banning the research and practice of time travel.

Gearge Lucas in love

Ok, this isn’t a tech thing like the ones I usually wrote (but it is geeky):
a Star Wars remake like Shakespeare in Love, really funny!

Bruce Eckel on Flash

Here a great post of Bruce Eckel (author of “Thinking in…” books) on Java, Ajax and surprisingly: Flash.

So here’s my question. Allow for a moment the possibility that, after 10 years, Java is not going to take over the world of RIAs. Further allow that Ajax is just “how JavaScript was supposed to work in the first place,” but that…

Map of Web 2.0 startups in the world

(from readwriteweb)
I’ve found really interesting this map of Web2.0 startups in the world:
Europe and World

Sadly nothing in Italy…


CoComment is a new tool that manage all your online conversations: install the firefox plugin and it will recognize every blog/forum you visit and track the comment you post.
It will also attach a toolbar to every comments textbox:

Worth a try…

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