Adobe Wave

Another cool product form Adobe: Adobe Wave

Adobe® Wave™ is an Adobe AIR® application and Adobe hosted service that work together to enable desktop notifications for web publishers, large and small.

Simply speaking it is an Air application that receive notifications from the Adobe free Publisher Service.
With Wave site owners can use a simple REST api to send notifications, while desktop users…

Opera’s response to Google Weave: Opera Unite

Opera ha just announced Opera Unite: a web server that run inside the browser and that will offer functionalities similar to Google Weave.

Who will win the real-time web war?

RegExr – Write and share regular expressions

Grant Skinner has just released RegExr: a wonderful tool for writing and sharing regular expressions.

Its main features are: show results as you type, contextual help, save and share your regexps.
It also runs as an Air application or directly from the website.

Using Zend_Tool in Eclipse

Zend_Tool is a command line tool released with the latest version of Zend Framework. It will jump-start the development automating some tasks like the creation of an empty project or of a controller class.

Other than from the command line, its possible to use Zend_Tool directly from Eclipse, lets see how.

First, download the framework and extract it.

I’ve had trouble with the…

Anamanaguchi 8bit band

For all the 8bit lovers, visit the web site of this new york based band: Anamanaguchi and listen to their latest hit: Dawn Metropolis

Anamanaguchi is a four-piece group from New York City that combines guitars with the thick, electronic tones of a hacked Nintendo Entertainment System. With driving, dynamic and melodic tracks, they focus on creating sounds that seem bigger…

Google Chrome on TV

Google is exploring new ways to advertise its browser, releasing a YouTube channel with 11 shorts about Chrome, and its planning to advertise the browser with tv spots this weekend.…

Populate – Real time site traffic

Today I’m stumbled upon this interesting site that shows the activity of the net in real time.

Every time someone visit a site a flash light on the map.

Flash 10 will support P2P network and UDP

Great news for multiplayer flash games!
In the latest beta release of Flash Player 10, Adobe introduced the RTMFP support.
In short this technology will allow P2P communication between players and UDP:

Direct (P2P) communication between Flash players.
Every flash application will be able to connect to another without going through a server, saving bandwidth and lowering latency.
A Flash Media Server will be required…

A dream come true: AMF3 specs and BlazeDS

This week were released:
AMF3 specification
Action Message Format (AMF) is a compact binary format that is used to
ActionScript object graphs. Once serialized an AMF encoded object graph
to persist and retrieve the public state of an application across sessions or
endpoints to communicate through the exchange of strongly typed data.

And Java-Remoting BlazeDS Beta

BlazeDS is the server-based Java remoting and web messaging technology…

Blog hacked: Phentermine Attack

I’ve not blogged too much lately, however, there was some strange “activities” on my blog…

Today someone in a comment warned me that I have some spam links in the footer visible only with javascripts disabled.

I’ve updated wordpress some days ago because I’ve noticed some spam links in my sidebar, but as it seems this wasn’t enough to fix the problem.


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